Weekly Show Results: Lexington Spring Encore

Good morning,

The team wrapped up two weeks in Lexington, Virginia this week with the Lexington Spring Encore. Here are their results!

-Tara XVII and Diana Wang were Adult Jumper Reserve Champions, won the Adult Jumper Classic, and Diana won the Adult Jumper Style Award

Tara XVII and Diana Wang

-Black Friday and Alyson Gurney were Adult Jumper Champions
-Allison Bergmeyer was 5th in the Ariat Medal
-Connie McRill was 7th in the Ariat Medal
-Axtrex and Addie Jabin were 10th in the A/A Younger Hunter Classic
-Clear Cove and Allison Bergmeyer were 11th in the A/A Younger Hunter Classic
-Sgt. Pepper and Connie McRill were 7th in the A/A Older Hunter Classic
-Quintessential and Kevin Foster were 9th in the A/A Older Hunter Classic
-Breakout and Danielle Vileno were 9th in the A/O Hunter Classic

Breakout and Danielle Vileno

-Quiloa and Emily Leins were 11th in the Children’s Jumper Classic
-Prince Royal and Courtney Logan were 2nd in the Adult Jumper Classic

Prince Royal with Courtney Logan and Diana Wang
-Melton Mowbury and Viv Kramer were 8th in the Low C/A Jumper Classic
Melton Mowbury and Viv Kramer
Great riding everyone! Thank you Sheryl Sutherby for the wonderful photos of the team!