Lexington Spring Premiere Results!

Good morning,

Here are the results from the Lexington Spring Premiere in Lexington, Virginia:

-Incognito and Kirsten Pollin were A/O Hunter Champions and Grand Amateur Owner Champions

Kirsten Pollin and Incognito 

-Clear Cove and Caitlyn Shiels were Schooling Hunter Champions
-Whiskey at Midnight and Caitlyn Shiels were Green Conf. Hunter Reserve Champions
-Incognito and Caitlyn Shiels were 3’6″ Hunter Reserve Champions
-Clear Cove and Allison Bergmeyer were Adult Amateur 18-35 Hunter Reserve Champions
-Pura Vida and Lily Pollin were Children’s Hunter Younger Reserve Champions

-Black Friday and Alyson Gurney were Adult Jumper Champions
-Super 10 and Dawn Vileno were Adult Jumper Reserve Champions

-Prince Royal and Courtney Logan won the Adult Jumper Classic and were awarded the Adult -Jumper Style Award

Prince Royal and Courtney Logan, Super 10 and Dawn Vileno, and Black Friday and Alyson Gurney

-Ashley Foster won the VHSA medal and the Ariat Adult Medal
-Allison Bergmeyer was 2nd in the Ariat Adult Medal
-Elle Hogan was 3rd in the THIS Medal
-Lily Pollin was 6th in the THIS Medal and was 3rd in the Gittings Medal

Lily Pollin and Pura Vida

-Quintessential and Kevin Foster were 3rd in the Adult Hunter Classic
-Frontman and Charlotte Williams were 5th in the Adult Hunter Classic
-Pura Vida and Lily Pollin were 9th in the Children’s Hunter Classic
-Incognito and Kirsten Pollin were 4th in the A/O Hunter Classic
-Carlot and Ashley Foster were 5th in the A/O Hunter Classic
-Quoteworthy and Bari Friedman were 6th in the A/O Hunter Classic

Way to go everyone! Thank you to Sheryl Sutherby for the great photos as always 🙂