And they’re off! The Rolling Acres crew heads to Florida

Hello everyone,

The Rolling Acres crew is now safely in Florida to begin the winter show season down there. It took 23 horses in three tractor trailers, plus all the trunks, a 5-horse trailer full of hay, a camper – complete with a tire blowout, the equipment trailer,  4 support vehicles, 10 drivers and two days to get everything down to Pensacola. We are so happy they have arrived safely and can’t wait for the results to start coming in!

We also need to fix a few boo-boos from last week’s list of new people and horses.  We misspelled a name – sorry Shahid!  And also, Robin Feldman’s new horse is named Fannie so we welcome her! Julie Bigham purchased a new horse and brought him to Rolling Acres Farm.  He’s a cutie and we are glad to have him, so welcome Jamie. 
Stay tuned for show results!!