Weekly Show Results & Well Wishes!

Good Morning,

The crew is at the Brandywine Valley Show at Devon this week. Here are the results so far!

-Knob Creek and Dana Nifosi were A/O 3’3″ Reserve Champions
-Lestaire and Brianna Sims were Lg Jr 3’3″ Older Champions
-McGwire and Emmy Middleton were Older Child Hunter Reserve Champions and 7th in the Child Hunter Classic
-Tempelbach and Lexi Humenik were Younger A/A Hunter Reserve Champions
-Little Star and Cassie Warmkessel were Low Childrens Reserve Champions
-Serendipity and Eleanora D’Amore were Low Adult Reserve Champions
-Banjer and Andrea Russell were Pre-Childrens Hunter Reserve Champions
-Hallelujah and Cate Black were Large Pony Hunter Reserve Champions and 3rd in the Large Pony Hunter Classic
-Whiskey Blue and Ashley Foster won the Amateur Style Award

Serendipity winning the Low C/A Derby with Eleanora D’Amore, Raul Rivera, Mary Lisa Leffler, and Patty Foster

-Rodeo Drive and Madelaine Black were 4th in the Medium Pony Classic
-Budapest and Ashley Foster were 8th in the High Jr/AO Jumper Classic
-Amon de Diamante and Ashley Foster were 5th in the Low Jr/AO Jumper Classic
-Arvakur and Kiana Fiore were 3rd in the NAL C/A Jumper Class

Banjer and Andrea Russell

-Serendipity and Eleanora D’Amore won the Low C/A Hunter Derby
-Banjer and Andrea Russell were 2nd in the Low C/A Hunter Derby
-Little Star and Cassie Warmkessel were 5th in the Low C/A Hunter Derby

Little Star and Cassie Warmkessel
Great job riders! Thank you Sheryl Sutherby for the photos!
And lastly, Obed is home!  He was released from the hospital on Friday.  We are glad to have him back on the farm. We also wish Jen Thompson well as she is back home from the hospital after an injury as well.  We wish them both healing thoughts!!!