Vermont Week 2 Results & More!

Good morning everyone!

Before we get to the results this week, we have to show you this cute video of the ‘girls having fun!’

Here are the results from the second week of showing at the Vermont Summer Festival:

-Cartagena BD and Kimmy Saul were Champions in the Adult Amateur Younger section
-Ufonia P. and Mary Lisa Leffler were Low Hunter Reserve Champions
-Whiskey Blue and Ashley Foster were Amateur Owner Younger Champions
-Quintessential and Kevin Foster were Amateur Owner Older Reserve Champions
-Algie Phin and Kiana Fiore were Low Childrens Jumper Reserve Champions
-Escape and Mary Lisa Leffler were 1.30 Meter Jumper Champions

Escape and Mary Lisa Leffler

-Bernadette Coyle was 8th in the Taylor Harris Medal

Mr. and Mrs. Nicholson coming out to watch. 
Equal hat time between Grandchildren…Texas A&M (Kimmy) and Auburn (Ashley) by Mommom and Poppop.
Kimmy Saul and Cartagena BD
-Wassandra G and Hanna Powers were 3rd in the NAL Childrens Jumper Classic and 2nd in the NAL/WIHS Jumper classic

-Lorca De Caryan and Bernadette Coyle were 5th in the Childrens Hunter Classic
-Delphine and Emmy Middleton were 6th in the Childrens Hunter Classic
-Sgt. Pepper and Connie McRill were 2nd in the Adult Hunter Classic

Ufonia P. winning the hunter derby–ridden by Mary Lisa Leffler and taken care of by Ismael Fuentes

-Frontman and Charlotte Williams were 5th in the Adult Hunter classic
-Algie Phin and Kiana Fiore were 5th in the Low Child/Adult Jumper Classic
-The Golden Compass and Alyson Gurney were 3rd in the Jr Hunter Classic
-Carlot and Mary Lisa Leffler were 5th in the $30,000 Grand Prix
-Ufonia P. and Mary Lisa Leffler won the $5,000 Hunter Derby