Weekly Show Results are in from Vermont!

Good afternoon!

Here are the results from this past week at the Vermont Summer Festival:

-Light Edition and Ashley Foster were Res Champs in the Adult Amateur Younger Division
-Cartegena BD and Mary Lisa Leffler were Champions in the Pre-Green Hunter Division
-Zivago and Mary Lisa Leffler were Res Champs in the Low Hunter Division
-Quintessential and Kevin Foster were Champions in the Amateur Owner Hunter Division
-Escape and Mary Lisa Leffler were 1.30 Jumper Champions
-Banjer and Andrea Russell were .80 Jumper Champions
-Lorca De Caryan and Bernadette Coyle were Childrens Hunter Older Champions

Zivago and Mary Lisa Leffler
Banjer and Andrea Russell

-Nikita and Alyson Gurney were 3rd in the M&S Child Jpr Classic and 8th in the NAL/WIHS Jumper Classic
-Wassaandra G and Hanna Powers were 4th in the M&S Child Jumper Classic
-Frontman and Charlotte Williams were 2nd in the NAL/WIHS Adult Hunter Classic
-Sgt. Pepper and Connie McRill were 6th in the NAL/WIHS Adult Htr Classic
-Algie Phinn and Kiana Fiore were 7th in the Low C/A Jumper Classic
-Quintana 26 and Brianna Sims were 7th in the Jr Hunter Classic
-Carlot and Mary Lisa Leffler were 2nd in the $30,000 Grand Prix
-Zivago and Mary Lisa Leffler won the $5,000 Hunter Derby
-Ufonia P. and Mary Lisa Leffler were 4th in the $5,000 Hunter Derby

Luna and Sahara Reiz
Robin Feldman and On My Honor going for a walk after a rainy day in Vermont

Great job riders! Also, thanks to Sheryl Sutherby for keeping the results organized and taking wonderful photos!