US Junior Hunter National Championship at Saugerties

Currently, some of the Rolling Acres riders are also competing at the US Junior Hunter National Championships, in Saugerties, NY.  Annie Friedman, Alyson Bergmeyer, Ashley Foster, Alyson Gurney, and Hannah Showell are all competing. What makes the Junior Championships so special, is that this doesn’t run like a typical show format.

In order to be eligible to compete, a horse must win a Championship or Reserve Championship in an “A” Rated Junior Hunter Division between July 2 and July 1 and/or be in the top 10 in their zone in any of the four Junior Hunter sections as of July 1 of the current competition year.
The horse must be recorded with the Federation and registered with USHJA at the time of the win for the Championship or Reserve Championship to count. The owner of record of the horse must be a member in good standing of the Federation, i.e.; horses must be shown in accordance with GR1102 and GR1108 in order to be eligible to qualify.

There are three phases to the competition, Under Saddle, Handy Hunter and a Classic Round.  The Under Saddle phase counts for 20% of their total score. The girls will have to do the following based on the regulations: “To be shown at a walk, trot, and canter both ways of the Ring. Horses are to hand gallop one direction, halt and back. Light contact with the horse’s mouth is required. Judged on performance and soundness. Manners and suitability shall be emphasized.”

Next is the Handy Hunter phase which counts for 40% of their total score. Obstacles should simulate those found in trappy hunt country. The course must have at least two changes of direction and at least one combination. Horses are required to trot over one fence on the course, may be asked to lead over one obstacle or open a gate while mounted. Emphasis should be placed on turns and promptness.

Last is the Classic Round which also counts for 40% of their final score. The course must maintain at least ten obstacles, have two changes of direction and have at least one combination. There shall be one single oxer on the course to be ridden at the gallop. Emphasis shall be placed on “brilliance” for this class.

GOOD LUCK LADIES!! More photos and results to follow as we have them!

Ashley and Leena L

Thanks to the wonderful Sheryl Sutherby for the photos!