New Baby and Vermont Results 1

Good Morning Everyone!

Lots of exciting news for this week!!  First off, meet  the latest addition to the Rolling Acres Farm family.  Baby Emily was born Monday, July 22 (same birthday as Prince George!) at 11:00 am.  We’ll have to control Patty or she’ll have her in leadline by next week!  Congratulations to Reynaldo and Noemi for such a beautiful baby girl… Look at all that hair!!! How beautiful!

As you know, the crew is currently competing up north in Vermont. Recently, everyone competed in the Valley Classic Horse Show and did very well! First, here are the Champion and Reserve Champion results:

Champion Low Hunter
Ashley Foster riding  Sin City, owned by Annie Friedman

Reserve Champion Low Hunter
Alyson Gurney riding The Golden Compass

Champion Junior Hunter Large 16-17
Ashley Foster riding Whiskey Blue, owned by Douglas Wheeler

Best Junior Rider on a Horse
Ashley Foster

Winner USET WIHS Jumper Phase
Ashley Foster riding Leena L

Champion Restricted Children’s
Kiana Fiore riding Zivago

Champion Novice
Bernie Coyle riding Beyond the Trees

Reserve Champion Older Adult Hunters 50+
Charlotte Williams riding Frontman

Champion Schooling Hunter
Mary Lisa Leffler riding Sienna, owned by Alexis Humenik

Reserve Champion Schooling Hunter
Connie Mcrill riding Sgt. Pepper

Champion Junior Hunter Small Combined
Ashley Foster riding Sin City, owned by Annie Friedman

What a great job with all the Champions and Reserves by the Rolling Acres group!

Now  for the Class, Classics & Division Results:

In the Adult Amateur Hunter 50+ division Kevin Foster riding  Ufonia P  won  3rd in the NAL Classic , and a  1st, 3rd, 8th and  5th in the over fences.
Connie Mcrill riding Sgt. Pepper  won 8th in the NAL Classic, and a 4th, 3rd, 7th in over fences, and a 9th in under saddle.  Awesome job!

Mary Lisa Leffler riding Zivago, owned by Kiana Fiore, won 3rd in the  $5,000 NEHJA Hunter Derby Qualifier, with the highest second round score awarded by the judges! Excellent riding Mary!

Mary Lisa Leffler riding Denicheur van de Donkhoeve, owned by Paulexi, LLC. won a 2nd and a 5th in the
$500 1.20m Jumper division. Nice job!

Mary Lisa Leffler riding Quastor van de Helle Z, also owned by Paulexi, LLC, won 3rd in the
$10,000 Overland Sheepskin Co Welcome Jumper  class. Way to go Mary!

Ashley Foster riding Carlot won 5th in the Junior-Amateur Owner Jumpers Low Table II.2 division and a 6th in the Junior-Amateur Owner Jumpers Low Classic . Excellent riding!

Robin Feldman riding Prestige  won a 2nd and a 3rd in the Modified Adult Hunter division. Super!

Brianna Sims riding Fortissimo , owned by Allyson Quirk,  competed in the Junior Hunter Large 15 & Under  division and won 3rd and 4th  in over fences,  5th in the Handy, 6th in the Classic, and a 6th in Under Saddle. Wonderful job!

Hannah  Showell riding Axtrex  competed in the Junior Hunter Large 16-17 division and won a 4th and a 5th in the Over Fences, an 8th in the Handy a 7th in the Classic and a 4th in Under Saddle.

Annie Friedman riding Abitibi Blues  won 1st in the Children’s Jumper High (1.10-1.15m) II.2.c division!
On  Nerazzurro, Annie won a 7th in the  Children’s Jumper High (1.10-1.15m) II.2.c division and a 10th in the  $1,500 M&S Children’s Jumper Classic 11.2.a. Great riding!

Carly Rosenthal riding Baron Des Sources  competed in the Children’s Hunter Horse 15-17  and finished with a 7th in Over fences. Nice job Carly!

Sahara Reiz riding Chand De Paix  competed in the  New England 0.90m Jumper II.b  and won a 1st and a 2nd!  Awesome job!

Alyson Gurney riding  The Golden Compass showed in the Junior Hunter Large 16-17 division and won a 3rd and a 6th in Over fences, a 3rd in the Classic, a 4th in the Handy and a 3rd in Under Saddle. In the  Low Hunter Over fences division she won a 2nd and a 3rd. Alyson also won a 5th in the $1000 Junior Working Hunter Classic. Way to go!

 Devon Monroe riding Shinkansen won a 5th in the Children’s Jumper High Division, a 9th in the $1,500 M&S Children’s Jumper Classic and a 6th in the $1,500 NAL/WIHS Children’s Jumper Classic. Nice job Devon!
Allison Bergmeyer riding McGwire in the Junior Hunter Large 15 & Under  won a  1st, 4th, and  5th  in Over Fences,  a 2nd in the Handy, and a 2nd in Under Saddle. She also rode in the Performance Working Hunter 3’6” and won a 4th and an 8th in Over fences. Way to go!

 Kimberly Saul riding Delphine, owned by Alyson Gurney, won Reserve Champion in the Adult Amateur Hunter Division! Way to go! She also won two 2nds in the Schooling Hunter Over Fences Division.

Peyton Scott, also known as “Pey Pey,” rode in Leadline on Float Your Boat and looked adorable!
Shalyn Scott also rode Float Your Boat in Walk/Walk Trot class and won a 2nd and two 4ths!
McKenna Scott also rode very well and made everyone proud!

So far, the Rolling Acres Crew is doing wonderfully in Vermont and we couldn’t be more proud! Stay tuned for more results as the showing continues!

Allison Bergmeyer & McGwire- Vermont

Bernadette Coyle and Beyond The Trees- Vermont

Charlotte Williams & Frontman- Vermont

Connie Mcrill & Sgt. Pepper- Vermont

Mary Lisa Leffler & Zivago- Vermont

Mary Lisa- Vermont

Pey Pey & Loafy- Vermont
Thanks to Sheryl Sutherby for the great photos!!