Last week in Venice!

Name the faces behind the masks!

The team is on their way home from Florida as we speak, so we wanted to share the results from this last week in Venice while everyone was still on the road. Next up is two weeks at Culpeper!

  • Laddy Boy & Lola Schumpert: 1st in the Low C/A Jumper Classic, and Reserve Champions in the Low C/A Jumper Division
  • Maverick & Kayla Mahmood: 2nd in the Low C/A Jumper Classic
  • I Dottori VD Richter & Mary Lisa Leffler: 2nd in the $5000 Jumper Challenge
  • Casilla & Mary Lisa Leffler: 3rd in the $5000 Jumper Challenge, and 3rd in the $25000 Grand Prix
  • Skywalker & Hannah Showell: 1st in the High C/A Jumper Classic, and Reserve Champions in the C/A Jumper Division
  • Makadi & Lily Pollin: 2nd in the High C/A Jumper Classic
  • Stardust & Ashley Foster: 2nd in the $5000 1.25M Prix
  • Carlot & Gen Cullen: 1st in the C/A Hunter Classic, and Champion in the Children’s Hunter Division
  • Sienna & Reagan Williams: 2nd in the C/A Hunter Classic
  • Back in The Game & Ashley Foster: 1st in the Pre-Green Incentive, and Champion in the Green Hunter Division
  • Back in The Game & Hannah Showell: Champion in the Adult Amateur Hunter Division
  • Good Reason & Caitlyn Hill: 3rd in the Pony Hunter Derby
  • Incognito & Kirsten Pollin: Champion in the 3’3″ A/O Hunter Division
  • Wyatt & Lily Pollin: Champion in the Junior Hunter Division
  • Augustino & Ann Scotton: Champion in the 2’6″/2’9″ C/A Hunters, USHJA 2’9″/3′ Hunters, and C/A Eq
  • Lex Seiden: 1st in the USEF Dover Medal, and 1st in the overall WIHS Medal
  • Caitlyn Hill: 3rd in the WIHS Pony Medal