Rolling Acres Show Stables Spotlight Series: Ashley

We are continuing our weekly spotlight series of our staff so everyone can get to know Team RASS! Today we are talking about the newest member of the team who has actually been here her entire life…Ashley Foster!

Ashley and Mizzentop

Ashley has ridden since she could walk but her earliest riding memory was competing her small pony Spongebob. She recalls making the decision to leave a stride out in a line and falling and breaking her collar bone. Ouch! That was obviously not a deterrent since she went on to win numerous championships in the pony, junior hunter, equitation, and jumper divisions throughout her junior years.  When asked what she felt her greatest accomplishment was as a junior rider she named two: winning her first Grand Prix on Indy and being Champion Junior Hunter at Capital Challenge, Washington, and the National show on Charade (both when she was only 16-years-old!). Although Ashley rode several horses and ponies throughout her junior career she has a soft spot for Charade. As a junior rider, Ashley was nervous just as most riders are. She explained that the best way for her to combat the nerves was to listen to music and carry that with her as she rode. (No particular song or genre of music, just whatever struck her that day).

Ashley and Nikita

After finishing her college career at Auburn University, Ashley graduated with a major in horticulture. While there, Ashley competed on the equestrian team for Auburn. A few of her NCEA accolades are: winning one National Title, one SEC title, and being All-American, MOP, and NCEA rider of the month several times! Ashley credits her team experience at Auburn with many life lessons learned.  As a junior rider, she explains that you are really just riding for yourself, but as a team rider you not only ride for your point but you help others on the team win their points too by maintaining motivation, support and friendship throughout.
After finishing college the most logical next step in life was to become an equestrian professional, but Ashley decided to compete as an amateur for a year so she could learn more about the business before making that decision.

Ashley and Sam Adams

As an adult rider, Daliante M has been her most trusted mount–Ashley says that she felt like she could jump anything on her! We asked Ashley what she thought she might do if she weren’t a professional equestrian. She told us that she would probably work for a feed company or some sort of company that directly deals with horses…she can’t imagine her life without horses!

Ashley and Daliante M

For her future plans Ashley strives to continue as a professional equestrian while learning all that she can. She has amazing mentors in her mom (Patty Foster) and Aunt (Mary Lisa Leffler). She told us that she wants to learn the best of both of them as a trainer, hunter, and jumper rider.

A couple of quick facts about Ashley you might not know:

  • Her favorite color is sky blue
  • Her favorite food is Mac & Cheese
  • She loves any music by Luke Combs
  • Her pet peeve is riders not working to their full potential and utilizing opportunities they have with the great animals they are riding.
  • Another cool fact…Ashley has jumped out of a plane before!!
We are so happy to have Ashley on team RASS as she continues her career and follows in her mom and aunt’s footsteps!
Ashley and Gerona 92