Rolling Acres Show Stables Spotlight Series: Pam Saul

Since we won’t have horse show results to share for a while, we are continuing our weekly spotlight series of our staff so everyone can get to know Team RASS! Today is about Pam Saul!

Pam on her pony Moon

Pam is the behind-the-scenes lady that takes care of all of the necessary evils we like to call bookkeeping!  Pam is the oldest Nicholson daughter by just nine months. She led the way growing up riding, competing and taking care of chores on the farm. In 1998 Pam had to retire early from her riding career for medical reasons, but she still loves coming to the barn daily and giving her “ponies” treats and scratches each night.

Pam will tell you that she started doing the bookkeeping work because no one else really wanted to do it.  She also learned that she excelled at it and ended up making it her career!  Pam is a Quick Books Pro Advisor as well as an AIPB certified bookkeeper and owns her own business, Farm & Equine Business Services, LLC.  F.&E.B.S. specializes in bookkeeping, payroll management, business plans, and anything else that has to do with running a business and she is our go-to lady for all RASS administration!  
Pam and Corner Whim

Pam’s favorite part of farm life is the peace of being around and caring for all of the animals. When asked what her biggest accomplishment in life is thus far, she quickly exclaims her children Kristina and Kimmy! 

A couple of quick facts about Pam you might not know:

  • Her favorite color is blue.
  • Her favorite food is chocolate (is that really a food!?)
  • Her biggest pet peeve is insincere people.
Pam riding Corner Whim
Thank you Pam for all of your work from behind the scenes keeping RASS thriving! 
Pam and one of her favorite “Ponies” Paul