Rolling Acres Show Stables Spotlight Series: Founder Patty Foster

Good morning all! Since we won’t have horse show results to share for a while, we thought we might do a weekly spotlight series of our staff so everyone can get to know Team RASS! Up first is Rolling Acres founder, Patty Foster.

Patty on Silver Streak

Patty is the middle daughter of Bud and Janice Nicholson, owners of Rolling Acres Farm.  Patty grew up fox hunting, participating in Pony Club, 4-H and local horse shows. When she was 17 years old, she and her sister Mary Lisa went to Wellington, Florida to compete for the first time and after that there was no looking back! Patty rode in the hunters as well as side saddle competitions during that time. In 1976 Patty was the National Side Saddle Champion!

Patty decided to share her knowledge of riding and horsemanship with others and started teaching in 1981. There are too many championships to list in Patty’s long trainer resume, but the one that stands out most in her mind is from the year 1988. Her rider, Kristina Lyhus, piloted Casey Jones to the National Medium Pony Hunter title, was Medium Pony Hunter Champion at Pony Finals, and was Champion at Harrisburg that year. (All of this was accomplished in his Green year too!)

Casey Jones

Patty on Fleet Fritz (A Thoroughbred!)

While Patty loves training at all levels and in all rings the pony ring is by far her favorite and her favorite horse show to attend is Roanoke.

Patty with Corner Whim

A couple of quick facts about Patty you might not know:

  • Her favorite non-horse related activity is going to the beach.
  • Her favorite food is taco salad. 
  • Her favorite drinks are Coke Zero or a good Sea Breeze. 😏
  • Her favorite color is blue.
Thank you Patty for all you have done over the years for our riders and as founder of Rolling Acres Show Stables!
Patty Accepting her Trainer of the Day Award at Venice this year.