Venice Equestrian Tour: Week 3 Results

Another week in Venice, Florida has come and gone and the third week of the Venice Equestrian Tour is over. Based on these results, it’s safe to say they are having fun down there!

  • Stardust and Ashley Foster: Won the $5,000 Open Jumper Challenge and 6th in the $2,5000 Fox Lea Grand Prix
Stardust and Ashley Foster
  • I Dottori VD Richter and Mary Lisa Leffler: 7th in the $5,000 Open Jumper Challenge
  • Cartagena BD and Gen Cullen: Won the C/A Hunter Classic
  • Carlot and Mary Lisa Leffler: 3rd in the $5,000 VET Huntfield Challenge
Carlot and Mary Lisa Leffler
  • Back In The Game and Ashley Foster: Won the Green Hunter Classic, Won the Incentive Stake, and Green Hunter Champions
  • Incognito and Kirsten Pollin: Won the Jr/AO Hunter Classic
  • Intrepid and Lexi Seiden: 2nd in the Jr/AO Hunter Classic and Junior Hunter Reserve Champions
  • Carlot and Lexi Seiden: Junior Hunter Champions
  • Cartagena BD and Mary Lisa Leffler: Starfish Hunter Champions
  • Ducatti and Hannah Showell: C/A Hunter Champions
  • Karamba WH and Mary Lisa Leffler: 1.0 meter Jumper Reserve Champions
  • Summerlin and Kevin Foster: 4th in the $1,000 One K Mini Prix
  • Pablo and Ashley Foster: 4th in the Back To The Beach Welcome
  • St. Compari and Ari Harris: 4th in the Low C/A Jumper Classic

                                                                       St. Compari and Ari Harris

Thank you Sheryl Sutherby for the great photos!