Piedmont Jumper Classic Results!

At the Piedmont Jumper Classic in Upperville:
  • Skywalker & Mary Lisa Leffer: 1.20M Jumper Champions
  • Capitol II & Bari Friedman: 1.30M Jr/Am Jumper Champions
  • DA Vittoria & Dawn Vileno: 1st in the Jr/Am Jumper Classic, and 1.20M Jr/Am Jumper Champions
  • Contador & Jen Mehalko: 2nd in the High Adult Jumper Classic
  • Makadi & Lily Pollin: 4th in the Low C/A Jumper Classic
At Equitation Weekend at the Capital Challenge Horse Show in Upper Marlboro:
  • Carlot & Hannah Showell: Adult Equitation Division Reserve Champions, and 5th in the Adult Equitation Classic