Results from Showday National!!

Good morning! Here are results from the Showday National Horse Show in Culpeper, Virginia:

-Charming and Dorli Burke were A/O Hunter Champions

-Clean Slate and Caitlyn Hill were Large Children’s Pony Hunter Champions and were 9th in the Children’s Hunter Classic

-Arrow K and Mekenna Scott were Champions in the Younger Children’s Hunters and were 10th in the Children’s Hunter Classic

Arrow K with Mekenna Scott and Melanie Wright

-Capiche and Lola Schumpert were Medium Pony Hunter Reserve Champions and were 4th in the Pony Hunter Classic

-Capitol II and Bari Friedman were 3rd in the Low Jr/Am Jumper Classic

Capitol II and Bari Friedman

-Super 10 and Dawn Vileno were 4th in the Low Jr/Am Jumper Classic

-Prince Royal and Mary McDaniel won the Low C/A Jumper Classic

Prince Royal and Mary McDaniel

-Pablo and Mary Lisa Leffler were 7th in the $10,000 Open Welcome and 12th in the $20,000 Mini Prix

-Lola Schumpert won the WIHS Medal and the USEF Medal

-Caitlyn Hill won the M&S Medal

-Sam Yagoda was 6th in the M&S Medal

Great riding to all and thank you Sheryl Sutherby for keeping everything organized and providing us with beautiful photos!