Lexington Spring Encore Results!

Here are results from the Lexington Spring Encore in Lexington, Virginia:

-Cartagena BD and Hannah Showell were Adult Amateur Younger Hunter Reserve Champions and were 3rd in the Adult Hunter Classic

-Black Friday and Alyson Gurney were Adult Jumper Champions and WON the Adult Jumper Classic

Black Friday and Alyson Gurney

-Quiloa and Mary McDaniel were Children’s Jumper Low Champions and WON the Children’s Jumper Low Classic

Quiloa with Oscar PIna and Mary McDaniel

-Bengt and Fielding Stichman were Children’s Jumper Low Reserve Champions
-Pablo and Mary Lisa Leffler were 1.30 meter Open Jumper Champions

Pablo and Mary Lisa Leffler

-Laddy Boy and Mary McDaniel were 2nd in the High Children’s Jumper Classic
-Duroso and Mary Kate Hogan were 6th in the High Children’s Jumper Classic

-Penn and Hannah Showell were 8th in the High Adult Jumper Classic
-Capiche and Lola Schupert were 5th in the Pony Hunter Classic

-Axtrex and Addie Jabin were 5th in the Adult Hunter Classic
-Twenty Twenty and Connie McRill were 12th in the Adult Hunter Classic

-Capella and Ashley Foster were 2nd in the $25,000 Rockbridge Grand Prix and 11th in the Welcome Stake

Capella and Ashley Foster

-Back In The Game groomed by Beto Silva was awarded the Best Turned out Green Horse

CONGRATULATIONS to all for such a successful turn out!! And thank you Sheryl Sutherby for sharing your great photos with us!