Weekly Show Results: Ocala, FL Week #5

Good morning! Here are results from Ocala, Florida week 5:

-Frontman and Mary Lisa Leffler were Reserve Champions in the Training Hunter Division
-Roundabout and Ashley Foster were Champions in the Adult Hunter Younger Division
-Wahlberg and Cari Farmer were Pre-Adult Reserve Champions
-Cobellini ‘F’ Z and Maddie Jordan were Large Jr Hunter 3’3″ Younger Champions
-Wimbledon and Maddie Jordan were Low Children’s Jumper Reserve Champions

Cobellini ‘F’ Z and Maddie Jordan

-Luminous and Ashley Foster were 2nd in the $2,500 Low Am Jumper Classic

Luminous and Ashley Foster

-Capella and Ashley Foster were 8 thin the $5,000 Med Jr/Am Jumper Classic
-Cassius Clay and Bari Friedman were 12th in the High Adult Jumper Classic
-Duroso and Margot Sanger-Katz were 3rd in the Low C/A Jumper Classic
-Carlot and Kevin Foster were 4th in the A/O 3’3″ Hunter Classic

Carlot and Kevin Foster

-Axtrex and Hannah Showell were 5th in the Adult Hunter Classic
-Sienna and Regan Williams were 10th in the Children’s Hunter Classic and was 5th in the Mini Medal

And Hannah Showell won the Ariat National Medal!

Congratulations everyone and thank you Sheryl Sutherby for the beautiful photos!