Weekly Show Results: Piedmont Jumper Show

Here are the competition results from the Piedmont Jumper Show in Upperville, Virginia!

-Luminous and Mary Lisa Leffler were Champions in the 1.30 Jumper Division, 5th in the Open Welcome and  3rd in the $25,000 Grand Prix

Luminous and Mary Lisa Leffler

-Echo Blue and Dawn Vileno were 7th in the Low Adult Jumper Classic

-Black Friday and Alyson Gurney were 4th in the High Adult Jumper Classic

Black Friday and Alyson Gurney

-Super 10n and Dawn Vileno were 6th in the High Adult Jumper Classic

-Capella and Jen Mehalko were 11th in the High Adult Jumper Classic

-Laddy Boy and Mary McDaniel won the High Children’s Jumper Classic

Laddy Boy and Mary McDaniel.

-Capitol II and Bari Friedman were 10th in the Low Jr/AO Jumper classic

Congratulations everyone! And thank you to Sheryl for the beautiful photos!