Weekly Show Results: Cavalier Classic

Good morning!

Here are results from the Cavalier Classic in Culpeper, Virginia:

 -Summerlin and Ashley Foster were A/O Reserve Champions and won the A/O Hunter Classic

-Breakout and Danielle Vileno were A/A Middle Adult Champions and were 3rd in the Adult Hunter Classic

Breakout and Danielle Vileno

-Arrow K and Kevin Foster were A/A Older Adult Champions

Arrow K and Kevin Foster

-Capiche and Lola Schumpert were Medium Pony Hunter Champions (with a blue ribbon in EVERY class!) and 2nd in the Pony Hunter Classic

Capiche and Lola Schumpert

-Penn and Emmy Middleton were Reserve Champions in the Low Adult Jumpers

-Super 10 and Dawn Vileno were High Adult Jumper Champions

-Black Friday and Alyson Gurney were High Adult Jumper Reserve Champions

-Headlines and Cate Black were Children’s Hunter Older Champions and WON the Platinum Performance Prix

Headlines and Cate Black

-Daliante M and Ashley Foster were 7th in the $10,000 Open Welcome and 4th in the $20,000 Open Prix

-Luminous and Ashley Foster were 8th in the $10,000 Open Welcome and 5th in the $20,000 Open Prix

-Penn and Emmy Middleton were 4th in the Low C/A Classic

-Axtrex and Addie Jabin were 4th in the Adult Hunter Classic

-AND we have to add that the Adult Jumpers SWEPT the NAL/WIHS Classic with Prince Royal and Katri Hunter winning, Super 10 and Dawn Vileno in 2nd, and Black Friday and Alyson Gurney in 3rd!

Prince Royal and Katri Hunter


Thank you Sheryl for the fabulous photos!