Weekly Show Results…First of 2018!

Good morning,

The first results of the new year are in! Here are the results from Ocala, Florida week 1:

-Kosma VD Heffink and Ashley Foster were Adult Hunter 18-35 Reserve Champions

Ashley Foster on Kosma VD Heffink

-Addie Jabin was Adult Equitation 18-35 Champion

Axtrex and Addie Jabin

-Maddie Jordan won the Back on Track Children’s Medal

-Boris and Bari Friedman were 3rd in the Low Amateur Jumper Classic

Boris and Bari Friedman

-Hannah Showell and Penn were 2nd in the Med Child/Adult Jumper Classic

Penn and Hannah Showell

-Addie Jabin and Axtrex were 2nd in the Adult Hunter Classic

Great job everyone! And thank you Sheryl Sutherby for the great photos!