Weekly Show Results: Raleigh & Mid-Atlantic Eq Festival

Good morning,

We have a lot of show results to share with you today!

From Raleigh:
-Carlot and Mary McDaniel were 6th in the Junior Hunter Classic
-Incognito and Kirsten Pollin were 6th in the A/O Hunter Classic
-Luminous and Mary Lisa Leffler won the $10,000 Welcome Stake and were 5th in the $50,000 Duke Grand Prix

Luminous and Mary Lisa Leffler

-Deliante M and Mary Lisa Leffler were 3rd in the $10,000 Welcome Stake and 11th in the $50,000 Duke Grand Prix
-Laddy Boy and Mary McDaniel were 4th in the NAL Children’s Jumper Classic

Laddy Boy and Mary McDaniel

-Black Friday and Alyson Gurney were 7th in the the NAL Adult Jumper Classic
-Indy and Dawn Vileno were 8th in the NAL Adult Jumper Classic

And from the Mid-Atlantic Equitation Festival:
-Sienna and Elle Hogan were Intermediate Equitation Champions, were 5th in the Int Equitation Championship class, and 8th in the THIS Medal
-Budapest and Katie Kranking were 3rd in the Adult Equitation Championship
-FTR Sense and Chloe Pacyna were 5th in the Adult Equitation Championship, 5th in the Ariat Medal, and 3rd in the Dover Medal
-Lariat and Lauren Dugan were 3rd in the Novice Equitation Championship
-Clean Slate and Kayla Mahmood won the Pony Equitation Championship, and was 3rd in the Pony Medal
-Quidam de Reve and Katie Schuler were 3rd in the Low C/A Championship
-Pas de Chat and Julie Bigham won the M&S Adult Medal and High Point Thoroughbred

Pas de Chat and Julie Bigham

-Quintessential and Margot Sanger-Katz were 4th in the Dover Adult Medal

Great job everyone! Thanks to Sheryl Sutherby for the photos.