Weekly Results from Florida

Sahara Reiz on Scandalous and Emmy Middleton on Whispaire Wind
The RASS team had another great week in Ocala, Florida!  Here are the results:
– Whispaire Wind and Hillary Johnson were Baby Green Hunter Champions
– Whiskey at Midnight and Amanda Steege were Green Conformation Hunter Reserve Champions
– Quintessential and Kevin Foster were Adult Amateur Older Reserve Champions and were 5th in the Adult Hunter Classic
– Austin and Allison Bergmeyer were .65 Jumper Champions
– Emily Leins was 4th in the M&S Children’s Medal and 2nd in the NCEA Medal 
– Ashley Foster was Adult 18-35 Equitation Champion, won the Dover Adult Medal, and won the Ariat Adult Medal
– Allison Bergmeyer was 3rd in the Dover Adult Medal and 2nd in the Ariat Adult Medal
– Emmy Middleton and Sahara Reiz tied for Novice Adult Equitation Champion

Emily Leins on Axtrex
Ashley Foster and Amon de Diamante