Weekly Show Results: Ocala, Florida/ WEC in Ohio

Good morning,

It was a fantastic week of competition in Florida and in Ohio. Here are the results!

-Whispaire Wind and Mary Lisa Leffler were Baby Green Hunter Reserve Champions
-Cartagena BD and Mary Lisa Leffler were Performance 3’3″ Hunter Reserve Champions
-Shamrock and Maddie Jordan were Sm/Med Green Pony Hunter Reserve Champions

Shamrock and Maddie Jordan

-Scandalous and Drea Hillyard were Pre-Children’s Hunter Champions
-Whispaire Wind and Annette Longnecker were Pre-Adult Hunter Champions

Whispaire Wind and Annette Longnecker

-Austin and Mary Lisa Leffler were .90meter Jumper Reserve Champions
-Nashville and Hannah Showell were Adult Jumper Younger Reserve Champions
-Black Friday and Alyson Gurney were 4th in the Adult Jumper Classic
-Incognito and Kirsten Pollin were 9th in the A/O 3’3″ Hunter Classic
-Emily Leins was 2nd in the NCEA Equitation

Cartagena BD and Kirsten Pollin

And at the WEC in Ohio:

-Pura Vida and Lilly Pollin were Int. Children’s Hunter Champions and won the Int. Children’s Hunter Classic
-Melton Mowbury and Viv Kramer were Int. Child/Adult Jumper Champions and were 2nd in the Int. Child/Adult Jumper Classic
-Addison and Kristina Gratton were Low Adult Jumper Champions and were 5th in the Low Adult Jumper Classic
-Betina Star and Helena Abbott were 5th in the Child/Adult Jumper Prix
-Pas de Chat and Grace Bigham were 6th in the Int. Child/Adult Jumper Classic
-Accomplice and Julie Bigham were 7th in the Low Child/Adult Classic
-Connie McRill won the Ariat Adult Medal
-Katie Kranking was 2nd in the Ariat Adult Medal
-Unfonia P. and Cassie Warmkessell were 8th in the Children’s Hunter Classic

Great job everyone! Thank you Sheryl Sutherby for the great photos!