No Show Results…Congrats to Ashley!

Good morning,

We don’t have any results this week but this past weekend was full of college events.  Patty’s daughter, Ashley Foster, received her rings for the NCEA and SEC Championships won by Auburn’s Equestrian Team.  And Patty and Kevin were there for it!  Patty got a picture of Ashley on the huge outdoor screen. That’s the tallest Ashley’s ever been! The funny thing is Pam’s daughter, Kristina, also graduated from Auburn and was down for the game as well. How cool!

And we might rename this blog to “Ashley’s Blog” this week.  She was also on the poster for the Auburn meet this past week.  For those who don’t have Facebook, here’s the banner they used, and they won the meet!

The troop heads off to the Culpeper Finals this week, then Indoor Finals start!  We wish everyone good luck! Stay tuned for those results next week!