Weekly Show Results and more! Constitution Classic Horse Show (Culpeper, Virginia)

Good morning!

This week the Constitution Classic horse show in Culpeper, Virginia hosted the USHJA Zone 3 and 4 Children’s and Adult Jumper Championships.  Rolling Acres was represented by two of our adult riders in the championship, Courtney Logan on Prince Royal and Alyson Gurney on Black Friday.

Courtney was part of Zone 3, Team 2 and Alyson was part of Zone 3, Team 3.  The Team Championship was held in a Nations Cup format which means that four riders on each team showed over two rounds and their any faults earned were added together as a team.  Ultimately, Team 2 and Team 3 were tied with the same number of faults for the team. That then meant that each team needed to choose one horse/rider pair to jump off.  Team 2 chose Courtney and Prince and Team 3 chose Alyson and Nordy for the jump off.  So, it was a head to head match of Rolling Acres riders!!

Courtney went first and laid down a quick, clear round.  Next Alyson went in and rose to the challenge and completed the course fault-free and just .1 seconds faster than Courtney.  What a wonderful job! Our two riders helped Team 3 obtain the Gold medal and Team 2 receive the Silver medal.  

On Sunday the ladies competed for their individual medals.  After a tough weekend of jumping four rounds and a jump off for each horse and rider team, Alyson and Nordy finished with the individual bronze medal and Courtney and Prince finished just behind them in 4th place.  We are so proud to have Rolling Acres represented so prominently by these awesome horses and riders!

Courtney Logan, Mary Lisa Leffler, and Alyson Gurney

Their beautiful ribbons! 

And, the winning didn’t stop with the championships…Here are the results of the rest of the horse show!

-Cartagena BD and Mary Lisa Leffler were Green Working Hunter Champions
-Ufonia P. and Cassie Warmkessel were Childrens Hunter Older Champions and were 2nd in the Children’s Hunter Classic

Cassie Warmkessel and Ufonia P

-Gold Digger and Allison Bergmeyer were Childrens Hunter Older Reserve Champions
-Just Enjoy and Connie McRill were Culpeper Adult Hunter Reserve Champions
-Bling Bling and Mary Lisa Leffler were 3rd in the Open Welcome and 3rd , 9th in the $25,000 -Brookledge Grand Prix and 3rd in the $30,000 HITS  Grand Prix

Bling Bling and Mary Lisa Leffler

-Sgt. Pepper and Connie McRill were 7th in the $1,500 Devacoux Hunter Prix
-Knob Creek and Dana Nifosi were 5th in the Adult Hunter Classic
-Clear Cove and Allison Bergemeyer were 3rd in the Childrens Hunter Classic
-Axtrex and Andrea Russell were 8th in the Children’s Hunter Classic
-Axtex and Katie Drummond won the Ariat National Medal Class