They’re coming home! Weekly Show Results from the Last Week in Vermont

Good morning!

Today, everyone travels home from the Vermont show circuit back to our home base.  Many of the horses have already arrived, and we’re waiting for a few more, plus all the equipment and staff. We first want to wish them all safe travels as they head home! And now, here are the results from their last week of showing in Vermont:

-McGwire and Emmy Middleton were Childrens Hunter Older Champions, Circuit Champions and were 5th in the NAL Children’s Hunter Classic

Emmy Middleton and McGwire

-Axtrex and Hannah Powers were Large Junior Hunter Reserve Champions and Circuit Champions

Hannah Powers and Axtrex

-Pendleton and Georgia Fish were Mod Childrens Hunter Reserve Champions and were 8th in the NAL Childrens Hunter Classic
-Cartagena BD and Kirsten Polling were Modified Adult Hunter Reserve Champions and 5th in the M&S Adult Hunter Classic and 6th in the NAL Adult Hunter Classic
-Delphine and Mary Lisa Leffler were Schooling Hunter Champions
-Cartagena BD and Mary Lisa Leffler were Green Working Hunter Reserve Champions
-Whiskey Blue and Ashley Foster were A/O 3’3″ Reserve Champions
-Escape and Mary Lisa Leffler were 1.20 Jumper Champions and Circuit Champions

Alyson Gurney and Delphine

-Emmy Middleton was named Best Child Rider on a Horse
-Hannah Powers was named Best Junior Rider on a Horse

Kirsten Pollin and Cartagena BD

-Carlot and Mary Lisa Leffler were 10th in the Open Welcome and the $50,000 Grand Prix
-Sgt. Pepper and Connie McRill were 7th in the M&S Adult Hunter Classic
-Frontman and Charlotte Williams were 4th in the NAL Adult Hunter Classic
-Wassandra G and Hanna Powers won the NAL Childrens Jumper Classic and were 2nd in the M&S Childrens Jumper Classic
-Budapest and Ashley Foster were 5th in the Low Junior/AO Jumper Classic
-Prince Royal and Allison Bergmeyer were 9th in the Low C/A Jumper Classic
-Axtrex and Hanna Powers were 8th in the Jr Hunter Classic and were Large Junior Hunter Circuit Champions

Way to have a strong finish at the competition!

Thanks to Sheryl Sutherby for the beautiful photos!