Results from PJA Jumper Classic 4* at Swan Lake Horse Shows!

This past weekend found the Rolling Acres crew back at Swan Lake for the PJA Jumper Classic 4*. Despite the heat and humidity, all the riders rode great! Special thanks to everyone for working together to keep the horses (and riders) well hydrated and cool!

Here are the results:

– Carlot and Mary Lisa Leffler were 3rd in the Open Welcome and 5th in the Grand Prix
– Amon de Diamante and Mary Lisa Leffler were 5th in the Open Welcome, 2nd in the 1.25 Welcome, and won the 1.25 Classic
– Claudios and Allison Gurney were 7th in the C/A Welcome class
– Budapest and Ashley Foster were 3rd in the Low JR/AO Classic
– Escape and Mary Lisa Leffler won the 1.20 Jumper Classic

Amon de Diamante and Poncho Perez

Carlot, Mary Lisa Leffler, and Beto Silve

Budepest, Ashley Foster, and Raul Rivera

Special thanks to Sheryl Sutherby for the wonderful photos!