Weekly Show Results (and a little bit more!)

Good Morning!

The weekly show results from Atlanta are here:

-Cartagena BD and Mary Lisa Leffler were 1st Year Green Hunter Champions

-Rodeo Drive and Maddie Black won the Small/Medium Pony Hunter Classic
-Rintoo and Georgia Fish were 8th in the Childrens Hunter Classic
-Clear Cove and Allison Bergmeyer were 10th in the Junior 3’3″ Classic
-Whiskey Blue and Mary Lisa Leffler were 3rd in the USHJA National Hunter Derby
-Carlot and Mary Lisa Leffler were 3rd in the Open Welcome and 9th in the Grand Prix
-Maddie Black was 3rd in the WIHS Pony Medal

Carlot and Mary Lisa Leffler

Clear Cove and Allison Bergmeyer

Rodeo Drive and Maddie Black

Whiskey Blue and Mary Lisa Leffler
(all photos thanks to the wonderful Sheryl Sutherby!!)

And now results from Upper Marlboro, MD:

-Serendipity and Eleanora D’Amore were Pre-Adult Hunter Champions
-Ufonia P. and Ashley Schoen were 4th in the Adult Hunter Classic
-Wingman and Devon Monroe were 3rd in the Child/Adult Jumper Classic

Way to go everyone! The “RASS team-south” are on their way back home to Maryland and we are excited for their return!

PS- Sheryl is great for all of our competition action shots. However, we also wanted to share a few other photos taken by her that really show off her artistic talents as well! We are so lucky to have such a talented photographer on the team! Thanks for all you do Sheryl!

How awesome are they?