Weekly Show Results, Plus an adorable photo of Skittles!

The Rolling Acres Team is staying strong and did very well in Ocala, FL for their 6th week of showing. Here are the results:

-Campari 112 and Andrea Russell were Maiden Equitation Champions
-Out On Bale and Denise Clolery were Adult Maiden Equitation Champions
-Out On Bale and Mary Lisa Leffler were Training Hunter Champions
-Whiskey Blue and Mary Lisa Leffler were Adequan Hunter Reserve Champions
-Whiskey Blue and Ashley Foster were A/O Younger Reserve Champions and were 2nd in the A/O Classic
-Cartagena BD and Kirsten Pollin were A/O 36-45 Hunter Champions and were 4th in the Adult Hunter Classic
-Hallelujah and Cate Black were Large Pony Hunter Champions and won the Large Pony Hunter Classic
-Cruz Bay and Cate Black were Schooling Pony Hunter Reserve Champions
-Prince Royal and Ashley Foster were Adult Jumper High Reserve Champions

Cartagena BD and Kirsten Pollin

Compari 112 and Andrea Russell

-Arvakur and Kiana Fiore were 12th in the Childrens Jumper Classic
-Wassandra G and Hanna Powers were 5th in the Low Jr Jumper Classic
-Quintessential and Kevin Foster were 5th in the A/O Hunter Classic
-Rogelio and Brianna Sims won the Low Jr Hunter Classic
-Lorca De Caryan and Bernadette Coyle were 4th in the Low Jr Hunter Classic
-Can Fly and Allison Bergmeyer were 7th in the Low Jr Hunter Classic
-Rodeo Drive and Maddie Black were 7th in the Med Pony Hunter Classic
-McGwire and Emmy Middleton were 7th in the Childrens Hunter Older Classic
-Axtrex and Hanna Powers were 11th in the Large Jr Hunter Classic

Rogelio and Brianna Sims

Wassandra G and Hanna Powers
*All Photos & Results thanks to the wonderful Sheryl Sutherby!*
Also, back at the farm in Maryland, Mother Nature supplied us with lots of interesting stories last week.  Snow, ice, sun, cold, wind, pretty much everything she had in her bag!  And we made it through together!  All the horses were either hand walked or turned out in the indoor ring.   The cutest, or course, was Skittles.  Even when she tried to buck, it only went about 3 inches.   And I’m not sure she really knows what these “huge” poles are for.  She does enjoy time in the indoor with Knee High.