Weekly Show Results: Washington International Horse Show

Good Afternoon Everyone!

Here are the results from Washington:

-Knob Creek and Dana Nifosi were 3rd in the WIHS Adult Hunter Championships
-Sgt. Pepper and Connnie McRill were 8th in the WIHS Adult Hunter Championships
-Quintana 26 and Brianna Sims were 8th and 4th in the Small Junior Hunter Older Section
-The Golden Compass and Alyson Gurney were 7th and 8th in the Large Junior Hunter Older Section
-Rodeo Drive and Maddie Black were 12th in the Local Pony Hunters
-Kevin Foster and Quintessential were 10th in the Amateur Owner Older stakes class and 6th under saddle

Dana and Knob Creek

Connie & Sgt. Pepper