Weekly Show Results: Capital Challenge Horse Show

The results are in from the Capital Challenge Horse Show!

-Cartagena BD and Mary Lisa Leffler were 4th, 7th, and 5th in the Future Hunter Mares division
-Knob Creek and Dana Nifosi were 7th and 8th in the Adult Amateur 36-49 division
-Frontman and Charlotte Williams were 4th in the Adult Amateur 51 and Over Stake Class
-The Golden Compass and Alyson Gurney were 7th in the Large Junior Older Stake Class

Frontman and Charlotte Williams

Clear Cove and Allison Bergmeyer 

Lorca De Caryan and Bernadette Coyle 
(Photos taken by Sheryl Sutherby) 

We also would like to send good luck at Harrisburg next week to the following riders:
-Alyson Gurney and The Golden Compass
-Brianna Sims and Quinatan 26
-Allison Bergmeyer and Axtrex
-Sgt. Pepper and Connie McRill
-Knob Creek and Dana Nifosi
-Frontman and Charlotte Williams
-Little Star and Alexis Mozeleski
-Lorca De Caryan and Bernadette Coyle
-Nikita and Alyson Gurney
-Quastor Van De Helle Z and Devon Monroe
-Whiskey Blue and Ashley Foster
-Quintessential and Kevin Foster
-Wassandra G and Hanna Powers

Also coming up at the end of this month is the Annual Washington International Horse Show held in D.C. Once again this year, they are doing the ‘Buck Breast Cancer’ event on Thursday October 23rd in honor of Laura Pickett and Elizabeth Solter.

We would like to ask your help in gathering Laura Pickett’s friends and our Rolling Acres family to join us again at the show to honor Laura Pickett where they will be awarding the Laura Pickett Excellence in Horsemanship Award again this year and hosting Brian and his family in the Acela Club. They also will be honoring Elizabeth Solter.  Please purchase tickets and come out to support and honor the lives of these great women, and all of those suffering with breast cancer.

To purchase your tickets you can click here: http://www.wihs.org/lower.php?preview=1&url=hospitality-tickets&utm_source=Copy+of+Buck+Breast+Cancer+eBlast2&utm_campaign=wihs+eq+and+championships+qualifiers&utm_medium=email