Rolling Acres Results & Photos for the week!

Hi everyone-

We hope you are staying warm in the snow! Thankfully, we haven’t received as much snow as the weathermen originally forecasted, although I am not confident we are “in-the-clear” just yet!

Today, we have some show results for you from this past week’s horse show:

Andrea Russell competing Banjer were Champions in the 2-foot jumper division.

Kiana Fiore riding Athena were Level-0 Reserve Champions.

Mary Lisa Leffler and Carlot were Level-6 Champions.

Escape and Mary Lisa Leffler were Level-7 Champions.

Bernadette Coyle riding Lorca De Caryan were 4th in the Mini-Maclay and 4th in the Taylor Harris Insurance Medal class.

Allison Bergmeyer and Axtrex

Great riding everyone!! Rolling Acres team does it again!

All photos are thanks to our wonderful photographer, Sheryl Sutherby!!