BIG Congrats to our very own Pam Saul!!

Good morning everyone!

We would like to send out congratulations to Pam, who was appointed to the American Farm Bureau Federation’s Equine Commodity Advisory Committee.  This means that she will be addressing equine issues on the national-level for our industry. How awesome is that?! We couldn’t be more proud to have Pam representing the equine industry!

Here are some issues that Pam has already considered:
 1) the issue of needing a CDL license when driving a truck and horse trailer
 2) getting horses put into the Federal definition of agriculture beyond just breeding
3) the impact of the Nutrient Management regulations on our industry.

Pam wants everyone to know that any other issue within Maryland or surrounding states that people would like to be considered, just give her a call or contact her at Rolling Acres.

Way to go Pam!! 🙂