‘Old Man Winter’ is killing us here in Maryland!

Happy Monday!

Well…winter is definitely here and has been “killing us!” We spent Friday digging out from the five inches of snow (forecaster said 1”…clearly, he was wrong) and the howling winds that kept blowing the snow back over the driveway.  I would plow, it would drift.  I would plow again, and it would be covered as fast as I would plow.  So we tagged teamed!

Dad plowed, I followed behind in the Gator and when it was clear, I jumped up and down in the field to signal to the guys at the bottom of the driveway hill to head up with the equipment.  I must have looked like a nut.  But it worked!  We got the equipment out and headed to Florida.  Then on Saturday, we had two tractor trailer loads of horses leave.  Everyone at the barn pitched in and we loaded blankets, trunks, and 19 horses, and tack! Then, off they went to Florida!  I tried to sneak in a trunk, but they wouldn’t let me!

We’ll spend the next couple of days getting ready for the arctic freeze forecasted to happen tomorrow.  We had several tractors who went on strike when the temperature was 2°.  Can’t say that I blame them!  We’ll hook them up to heaters to make them more willing to work.  And we’ll be ready for the horses as well.   We’ll have plenty of hay & grain, plus lots of shavings to keep the horses happy.   Then, let’s hope the weather man was wrong again for Tuesday!  Whatever the weather brings, we’ll be ready for it.

Only 75 days until Spring!!!