Florida can’t come soon enough!!!

Hi everyone!

Winter is in full-swing at the farm and the Rolling Acres crew couldn’t be more ready to leave for Florida in a few weeks. After all the snow and ice we had, and the temperatures warming up, it has been 24-7 “spook training” around the barns/indoor. As the ice and snow have been melting and falling, we have been experiencing loud, scary noises to all of the poor horses who have no idea what’s going on. Even Mary had a close call the other day while tightening her girth! Whew! Thankfully, the majority of it is melted and we should get a break from all the scary noises.

(image copyright & thanks to: Martin Crownover)

PS-The crew will be leaving for Florida the first week of January and heading to Pensacola first. After that, they will be travelling to Ocala and then finishing in Atlanta, GA.