Thanksgiving Reunions & Rose of Sharon Equestrian School Visit!!

It’s been a great Thanksgiving weekend here at Rolling Acres Farm.  Many of our students came home for college and came to the barn.  It was so nice to see them all again!
This is Patty with Allyson Quirk.  It was really cold in the barn!  And this is Patty’s famous full-length ski coat that she starts wearing about September.
Also, Robin Feldman and I went to visit Rose of Sharon Equestrian School.  This is the place where donations in memory of Malibu Classic, or” Clown,” as we all knew him, were given.  The Executive Director and Founder, Joan Twining, gave us a tour of the facility.  This facility serves students with learning disabilities and uses horses to help students learn just how strong and capable they really are.  They have no funding source and currently work from donations, grants and the kind hearts of volunteers.

The indoor ring is incredible!  It is set with lighting that keeps shadows from occurring in the ring.  Plus, it is wired for sound so that teachers don’t need to raise their voice when children are riding.  There is a special ramp that helps children in wheelchairs be able to mount easier.  Joan told us that the donations received will be recognized with a memorial stirrup on the wall to remember Clown. 

It was a wonderful visit and taught us that horses are capable of some pretty amazing things and are truly a gift to us all.  Our thanks to Joan for showing us around her facility. 
If you would like to send a contribution, I am sure they would be happy to receive it!

Rose of Sharon Equestrian School, Inc.
PO Box 156
Glen Arm, MD 21057