Mid-Atlantic Young Rider Equitation Festival Results!

This past weekend, some of the Rolling Acres riders competed in the Mid-Atlantic Young Rider Equitation Festival and did very well!

Hannah Showell & Axtrex – Reserve Champion in the Mid-Atlantic Young Rider Equitation Finals

Hannah & Adam Showell with Axtrex at the Mid Atlantic Equitation Festival
Ashley Foster, Hannah Showell, Brianna Sims winning the Team Award at MAEF  (Picture by Patty Foster)
Bernadette Coyle and her new partner Lorca – Reserve Champion at their first show!  
(picture by proud Mama!)

Sending a special congrats Katie Kranking Pre-adult Equitation Champion and Bernadette who finished in 2nd! Ashley Foster was the 15-17 Champion overall flat winner! Brianna Sims placed  2nd, 2nd, and 2nd in the Medal and ASPCA divisions. Hannah Showell was 2nd and winner of the Medal and ASPCA classes. Congratulations to Erika who had ribbons in the Adult Equitation class and Alyson who had ribbons in the 15-17 division. Also, great job Ashley B. and Alexis for solid rides !! Way to go Rolling Acres riders on superb riding! We are so proud of ALL of you!

Oh, and we can’t forget… Rolling Acres won High Score Barn, High Score Team, and
High Score Trainer.  Guess they cleaned up just a “little” bit 🙂

 Photo by Cheryl Gannon.

Also, sharing a poster for an upcoming event, that features one of our boarder’s (Robin Feldman) daughter – Allie Feldman (Class of 2015).  She is at Washington University and is in their  cappella group and this is their latest concert.  Pretty cool!