The Chaos Before the Horse Show! (The Rolling Acres Crew is heading to Vermont!)

Anyone who rides and competes regularly, knows how much preparation goes into getting ready for a horse show. Not only the training and preparation in the saddle, but all the other odds and ends that need to be done outside of riding  in order for a successful trip. Those of you that do this regularly for one or two horses know the amount of work it takes…but what about for over 25 horses? Now that takes an army!!

The Rolling Acres crew is heading to Vermont for three weeks to compete in the Vermont Summer Festival 2013. After the equipment trailer, a five-horse, a golf cart carrier, three cars, 60 bales of hay and TWENTY EIGHT HORSES packed into THREE TRACTOR TRAILERS, oh, and way too many trunks to count, the group was finally ready to leave this morning! 
Some of the tack trunks waiting to be loaded
 One of three tractor trailers full of horses

The equipment trailer is jam-packed!
 Part of the Rolling Acres Caravan
Rolling Acres would like to wish good luck and happy showing to all of our riders competing in Vermont. This show is  bittersweet  for many of our riders, as this is their last competition before heading off to their first year of college. We couldn’t be more proud!! Go get em’!