Rolling Acres Riders Do It Again… Big Wins at Keswick and Blue Rock Horse Shows!

What a weekend for the Rolling Acres team!! Members of Rolling Acres and their horses attended two shows this weekend, the Keswick Horse Show and the Blue Rock Horse Show…both with great success! At the Keswick Horse Show, the following riders competed:
Mary Lisa Leffler riding Knob Creek, owned by Lisa Levine, in the High Performance/2nd Year Working Hunter, won 1stin Handy Hunter Over Fences, two 4ths and a 6th in Over Fences, and third in the Under Saddle portion of the class.
Alyson Gurney riding The Golden Compass did very well in the Junior Hunter Large Division which had over fifty entries!! Alyson won a 1stand two 2nds in the Over Fences, a 1st Under Saddle, and a 1stin Handy Hunter. Alyson was also Champion and winner of the “Windfall” Challenge Trophy, winner of the Jimmy Cantwell Perpetual Trophy for the Large Junior Hunter Grand Champion, and Winner of the Black Mail Perpetual Trophy for the Grand Champion Junior Hunter.  In the Performance Working Hunter division, with over 35 entries, she won Reserve Champion with two 2nds in the 3ft 3” level. In the WIHS Equitation Classic she placed 3rd and in the $10,000 USHJA National Hunter Derby at the 3ft 3” level she finished in 9th place. What a weekend! WAY TO GO ALYSON!!
Ashley Foster riding Turtle Bay also did very well in the Small Junior Hunter Division which was also large with 42 entries! She finished with two 2nds and a 5th place in the Over Fences, 6th in the Handy Hunter, and 4th in Under Saddle class. She also was 2ndin the $1500 Keswick HS Junior Hunter Classic. Awesome job!
Ashley also rode several other horses and finished with the following places: WIHS Equitation Classic – 1st, 1.05M Jumper – 5th, 1.05 Jumper – 1st on Leena L. $1,000 Low Junior/Amateur-Owner, Jumper, Table II, 2nd place, and $10,000 Jumper Classic II, 2a – 9th place on Carlot. And finally, $1,000 Low Junior/Amateur-Owner, Jumper, Table II – 3rd place, and in the $10,000 Jumper Classic II, 2a – 3rd place finish as well on Indy.
Meanwhile, at the Blue Rock Horse Show, the other Rolling Acres representatives were also showing and doing wonderfully!
Kevin Foster and Ufonia competed in the Adult Amateur Hunter 50+ and placed with two 1sts in Over Fences, and a 3rd in Under Saddle. They also placed 1st in the NAL/WIHS/M&S Adult Amateur Hunter Classic! Kevin also rode Nikita in the NAL/WIHS/M&S Adult Amateur Hunter Classic and placed 5th as well as an 8thplace in the High Adult Amateur Jumper.
 Sahara Reiz riding Chant De Paix did very well placing with two 2nds and a 3rd in the Low Children’s Jumper 1.0M! Way to ride!
Allyson Quirk riding Fortissimo placed 5th and 6th in the 3’3” Performance Hunter Over Fences, four 6ths, a 7thand a 9th place in the Junior Hunter and Classic, and a 5thin the WIHS Hunter Phase 3’6”. Congrats!!
Robin Feldman riding Prestige won a 1st in the Pre-Adult/Pre-Children’s Hunter Classic and a 3rd in the Pre-Adult Hunter O/F..woo!
Annie Friedman riding Now How Z did very well placing 2ndand 4th in the 3’3” Performance Hunter OF and a 3rd in the competitive, USHJA National Hunter Derby! Awesome job!
Meredith Clay riding Birtley’s Crowned Jewel rode in the Green Pony Hunter Division. They placed 5th and 7th in Over Fences, 2nd in Confirmation, 2nd in Under Saddle, 5thin Model, 3rd in Green Pony Hunter Warm Up and 2nd in the Over Fences. Congratulations!!
Katie Kranking riding Baron Des Sources did wonderfully, placing 7th in the Adult Amateur Hunter 18-35 Years OF class!
Connie McRill riding Sgt. Pepper rode in the Adult Amateur Hunter 50+ division and placed with a 4th and 7thin Over Fences, an 8th in Under Saddle, and a 9th in the NAL/WIHS/M&S Adult Amateur Hunter Classic. Way to go Connie!
Devon Monroe riding Shinkansen won 1st in the NAL/WIHS/M&S Children’s Jumper Classic and 3rd in the High Children’s Jumper 1.10 M!! Congrats!
Charlotte Williams riding Frontman competed in the Adult Amateur Hunter 50+ as well and finished with a 5th and a 7thin Over Fences and a 7th in Under Saddle. She also finished 10thin the NAL/WIHS/M&S Adult Amateur Hunter Classic. Awesome job!
Mallory Shear riding In The Nick of Time finished with a 4th and 7th in the Pre-Adults Hunter OF class and a 4thin the Classic. Way to go!
Brianna Sims riding Axtrex competed in the Junior Hunter 15 & Under division and placed with two 2nds and a 3rd in the Over Fences, 6th in the Handy Hunter class, 5th in the Under Saddle, 5th in the Classic, and two 1sts in the MHSA Hunt Seat on Horses 3’3” and the WIHS Hunter Phase 3’6”.  Wonderful riding!
Liz Lavine riding Lionhearts’aflippin placed 2nd in the 0.8m Jumpers division. Nice job!
Finally, Mary Lisa Leffler had a few rides at the show, doing very well on all of them. With Knob Creek, she finished 3rdand 5th in the 3’3” Performance Hunter OF and 2nd in the USHJA National Hunter Derby. On Frontman, owned by Kasperon, LLC, she finished with a 2nd and 3rd in the 3’ Hunter Over Fences division.
Riding Quastor Van De Helle Z (Drake), owned by Paulexi, LLC, she shined winning the Blue Rock Classic Grand Prix as well as the 1.40m Jumpers. Way to go Mary Lisa!!

Congratulations to all of the Rolling Acres riders for doing so well at both shows and representing the true sportsmanship nature that Rolling Acres is all about! Way to go everyone! Rolling Acres is proud!
Brianna Sims and Axtrex at Blue Rock

Devon Monroe  Shinkansen  Children’s Jumper Classic  Blue Rock

Mary winning the Blue Rock Grand Prix
All photos thanks to Sheryl Sutherby!!